Data Compliance Europe client Moodle has scored top of the table in a comparison of data protection issues across different online services in a recent independent expert report. Emergency Remote Teaching: a study of copyright and data protection policies of popular online services (Part II) looked at popular platforms Discord, G-Suite for Education, Jitsi Meet, MoodleCloud, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Skype, YouTube and Zoom,

As summarised by the report,

Our analysis focuses on three major DP aspects common to all terms of the services examined:

1) the purpose pursued by the service;
2) the lawfulness of the processing;
3) the data subjects’ rights.

According to Arts 13 and 14 GDPR, all relevant information about these aspects must be provided in a clear and understandable way to the data subject.

Moodle scored best across the six assessment criteria for these three key categories of data processing and retention, and topped the report’s results.

This outstanding result was achieved thanks to the close working relationship over a number of years between Moodle and Data Compliance Europe as Data Protection Officer, both companies foccused on the common goal of raising the awareness of data protection by design and by default in Moodle’s software design.