At Data Compliance Europe, our team couples a deep understanding of data protection with unparalleled experience in EU privacy law to help organisations lead the way through significant changes in significant change in privacy practices and organisational culture.

  • Assessing the Irish ID card scheme for Parliamentary Committee

    Our expert was invited by the Joint Committee on Employment Affairs and Social Protection to give a legal assessment of the Irish state’s ID card scheme, in the light of EU Data Protection law.

  • Appointed Public Policy Advisor to M3AAWG

    Simon McGarr was invited to take up a role as a Public Policy Advisor to M3AAWG around issues regarding the GDPR and Data Protection. M3AAWG is the largest global anti-abuse technology industry association, with more than 200 members worldwide, bringing together all the stakeholders in the online community in a confidential, open forum.

  • Invited to give expert opinion on Data Retention law to Irish Parliamentary Committee

    Simon McGarr was invited before the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality of the Irish Parliament, to give expert evidence assessing the Irish government’s regime for retaining phone and internet data.

  • Digital Rights Ireland v European Commission

    A challenge before the CJEU (General Court) to the Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and the US on transfers of data.

  • Microsoft v USA

    Co-Counsel, with White & Case NY, for amicus curiae party, Digital Rights Ireland. Court found that USA couldn’t directly access data being held by a Microsoft EU subsidiary in Dublin, as we advocated. Ruling has profound implications for privacy and upholding EU data protection laws in the Cloud Computing industry.

  • Data Protection Commissioner v Schrems and Facebook

    Acted for EFF, seeking amicus curiae status. Ruling pending on the compatibility of Standard Contract Clauses for data transfers outside the EU with Data Protection Law.

  • Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner

    Acted for amicus curiae party, DRI. Struck down the Safe Harbour Agreement on EU/US data transfers as incompatible with EU Data Protection rights.

  • Primary Online Database (POD)

    Public advocacy for children’s data privacy rights, resulting in significant legislative and administrative changes in data collection on children aged 5+.

  • Digital Rights Ireland v Minister for Communications, Ireland and Ors

    Acted as counsel for the applicant, Digital Rights Ireland. 1st application of the Data Protection principles set out in the Charter of Fundamental rights. Overturns directive 2006/24, improving the privacy of all 500 million EU citizens.